Improve the performance of Government service delivery with the reduction of time for data input, validation and processing. Data refers to original source.

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About MyGDX

MyGDX is a data sharing platform that provides data integration services across agencies to facilitate the provision of End to End (E2E) online services. The implementation of MyGDX allows information to be coordinated and shared more efficiently. This will reduce the cost of infrastructure and system integration for each agencies.




Facilitate data validation for agency users.



The data from the original source (Single Source of Truth).



Facilitate seamless data integration from multiple sources.



Comprehensive and inclusive Government Online Service delivery.

Service Catalogue/API



MyGDX is a data sharing platform that provides data integration services across agencies to facilitate the provision of End to End (E2E) online services. The implementation of MyGDX allows information to be coordinated and shared more efficiently. MyGDX is able to reduce the duplication of development and infrastructure maintenance costs in the agency. Through MyGDX as well, the agency's role in exercising its jurisdiction can be strengthened.
Among the main mission of MyGDX is to:
(i) Implement data sharing across government agencies through a structured and coordinated platform;
(ii) Develop a centralised government ICT infrastructure to promote information sharing and reduce cost;
(iii) Optimise resources to drive the public sector towards delivering prudent services; and
(iv) Enhance the performance of government service delivery for the citizens.
The benefits of using MyGDX includes:
(i) Data integration from multiple sources;
(ii) Data from single source of truth;
(iii) Coordinate & align data;
(iv) Ease of data access for agency planning purposes;
(v) Simplified data analysis; and
(vi) Facilitate data validation for agency users.
(i) Facilitate data sharing and establish coordination between government agencies;
(ii) Ensure shared information is accurate, up-to-date, and consistent from a single source of truth;
(iii) Enabling integration seamlessly to reduce overlapping development, operation, and maintenance of data sharing platforms; dan
(iv) Improve the performance of Government service delivery by reducing the access time and processing time.
The MyGDX platform operates through the portal or a System to Service (S2S) system integration.
The Head of Agency needs to formally submit a letter of application to the Director General of MAMPU stating the intention to participate in the data sharing ecosystem through MyGDX in realizing efforts to improve the performance of Government systems and service delivery. Click here for an example of an official letter of application to join a data sharing platform.
MyGDX offers a data sharing platform that facilitates agencies to share and access data from other agencies.
The data type that can be shared via MyGDX is open, limited and confidential (sulit).
The UUIDType that can be used to login MyGDX are NRIC (using 12 digit MyKad number without dashes), UID (using user id), EMAIL (using email address), PASSPORT (using passport number) and OTHERS (using another user id) .
The Agency Administrator (with MyGPKI Cert) has to log in with an ID (MyKad No) that is registered into the system and choose which service to subscribe (every subscription must be accompanied with an official application letter). The Agency Approver then approves the application. Next, the application will be processed by the Data Provider Agency before the approval is granted to the agency.
After the User Agency requests a service subscription, the Provider Agency will process the application. Provider's Agency will apply for approval to approval authority such as the ICT Steering/Technical Committee of the agency. Once the approval has been obtained, the Approver Agency has to approve this application in the MyGDX portal. Subscription applications only need once for every service for the same agency.
Once the service subscription is approved, the Agency Administrator may request the data. There are two types of methods; through MyGDX Portal and System-to-Service (S2S). If the data request is carried out through MyGDX portal, the Administrators can provide the required data directly. If the data request is through System-to Service (S2S), additional information is required such as IP server and port information, and the application name.
There are 3 types of methods:

(i) Registry/API in Provider Agencies
Agencies are developing APIs to share data with MyGDX and data remains in the agency. The MyGDX team will rebuild the API at MyGDX to supply the data to the other agency.

(ii) Registry at MyGDX
The Agency gave MyGDX permission to develop the API on MyGDX by giving direct access to agency data and data remains in the agency.

(iii) Repository in MyGDX
The agency gives permission for agency data replication and integrated into MyGDX. The MyGDX team will develop APIs based on this repository. MyGDX agencies and teams need to keep data in the repository up to date.
After a data requests, MyGDX will provide the web service URL with Auth Code and Auth Key generated specifically for their IP Server. This information will also be emailed to the Agency Administrator. The agency can use this information in their application system coding.
Agency Administrators can request new data through the MyGDX Portal by suggesting a new service name and all field names (parameters) are required. Click here for an example of official letter.
The MyGDX Administrator will verify the service name and the official letter of application to determine the agency of the data owner. This application will be channeled to the Provider Agency to be processed. If the agency agrees, the web service will be developed and tested by the MyGDX team. Upon testing, this service will be registered in the MyGDX Service Catalog/Data and may be requested by another agency.
YES. MyGDX team can provide API development training via 'Simple REST API using PHP' for 3 days. Instructor/facilitator allowance is applied. Course schedule suggestions.
All APIs provided by MyGDX will be displayed in the catalog for the information of all agencies. Agencies may apply for the API if applicable but it is subject to the approval of the Data Provider Agency.
The acronym/system name used must be same during System to Service (S2S) registration.
For the new open data API (2021 issue), some additional information needs to be included in the coding as follows for validation purposes:

"agency_id": "",
"appCode": "",
"req_user_uuid": "",
"req_user_uuid_type": "",
"s": "02"

"Agency_id" and "appCode" are the same as given.

“Req_user_uuid” refers to the username used in the agency system.

"req_user_uuid_type" refers to the UUIDType that can be used to login MyGDX is NRIC (using 12 digit MyKad number without dashes), UID (using user id), EMAIL (using email address), PASSPORT (using passport number) and OTHERS (using other user id).

“S” is used on search type APIs such as Postcode Search ( and District Search ( v2/katalog_info.php? id = 188).
Currently, MyGDX portal users are offered to government agencies officers including federal and state government agencies and statutory bodies. Government agency is an organisation that may cover several sectors such as public, statutory bodies and government institution that has a reasonable cause to subscribe and use the services offered by MyGDX.
You need to register at this portal thru LOGIN/SIGNUP .
Then click on the Signup and fill out all related information.
If you are a User, please upload Employee Card as a supporting document. If you are appointed as an Admin Administrator or Agency Approver, please upload an official letter of agency as a supporting document. Click here for an example of official letter. You will receive a confirmation of the user registration email once the MyGDX Administrator approves your registration. Click here for User Manual. Users are encouraged to use the Mozilla Firefox browser for the purpose of registration application. The size of the supporting documents allowed to be uploaded is a maximum of 2MB. Allowed document formats are PDF, JPEG, JPG, and PNG.
The Agency Administrator refers to the appointed officer that is responsible to
(i) Revise and approve the new user application from respective agencies;
(ii) Updating and ensuring the list of MyGDX users are up-to-date;
(iii) Revoking the access of the users that has transferred to a different agency or has left the government service;
(iv) Revise the data subscription application made by the agencies users through MyGDX portal; and
(v) Ensuring the data subscription is available and accessible according to data subscriptions terms and conditions.
Data provider agency has additional roles and responsibilities as follows:
(i) Revise the data subscription application provided by the agency through MyGDX portal;
(ii) Revise and update the data subscription terms and conditions;
(iii) Revise and review any new data subscription through MyGDX Portal; and
(iv) Coordinate the new data provision services.
The MyGDX administrator refers to the officer appointed by MAMPU to administer the MyGDX portal with the following roles and responsibilities:
(i) Review and approve Agencies Administrator application registration at MyGDX Portal;
(ii) Updating the list of user agencies in the MyGDX Portal;
(iii) Reviewing and approving user registrations from agencies that do not have any Agency Administrators yet;
(iv) Facilitate how the data subscription application is listed in the Service Catalog in the MyGDX Portal;
(v) Monitor and ensure data subscriptions work smoothly and do not violate the terms and conditions included in the data usage contract;
(vi) Update the terms and conditions in the MyGDX Portal;
(vii) Checking for new data requests and identifying potential agencies suitable as a Data Provider Agency;
(viii) Notify the Administrator at Data Provider Agency regarding new data application;
(ix) Coordinate the provision of new data services and update the Service Catalog in the MyGDX Portal;
(x) Coordinate recovery actions in the event of any technical problems; and
(xi) Monitor MyGDX data traffic, make monitoring reports and recommend any improvements as needed.
The agency’s Approver refers to an officer that has been authorized to:
(i) Approve new service and service catalog;
(ii) Revise, check and determine the approval of application for new SOP documents at MyGDX portal;
(iii) Revise and determine the approval to amend the existing SOP document at MyGDX portal; and
(iv) Revise and determine the approval to annul existing SOP document.
The Approver from the agency refers to the officer that is authorized to revise and determine the approval of new data subscription application to be provided by their agency.
Each agency should register at least two users that is assigned as an Approver and Administrator role.
Agencies Admin needs to change the status of this user account to INACTIVE..
Agencies Admin needs to change the status of this user account to INACTIVE..
During user registration, MyKad number, email address and agency user will be verified with the data in HRMIS.
NO. Only an agency administrator supplied with MyGPKI cert may apply data integration through MyGDX. Other project teams need to apply through their respective agency administrator.
If there is a change in the email domain of the ministry / department, the agency administrator / agency approval will need to update the latest email in HRMIS. After receiving confirmation from the HRMIS Administrator, log in to the MyGDX System and then update the email in the PROFILE > UPDATE PROFILE FROM HRMIS.
An organization that varies such as public, private sector, statutory bodies and other non-governmental institutions which is subscribing to and using the services provided by MyGDX. Public sector agencies and government statutory bodies refer to the list of agencies registered by the Public Service Department. Private agencies refer to the company registration at SSM.
Government Agency refers to Ministry/Department/Agency in the public sector.
An agency that provides data and authorize other agencies to use the provided data.
User Agency refers to any government agencies that uses the data provided in MyGDX.
API stands for "Application Programming Interface". It is a set of rules that allows one piece of software application to talk to another. Those "rules" can include create, read, update and delete operations.
Gateway service in MyGDX system is for handling the data requests from agencies. Data Broker serves as a link between the user and data located in the Registry/Repository.
Public Sector Data Dictionary (DDSA) is defined as a description of a standard data including the name of the data element, alias (another name of the data element), a brief description of the data, the size of the data element, the type of field and the rationale for the data element. It also sets data code standards for certain elements to be used by all Public Sector agencies. For more information, refer to the web
Service Catalogue resides in the MyGDX Portal. It lists the services or data that can be subscribed by MyGDX users.
Master Data Management is the component that coordinates and manages the data in MyGDX application.
MyGDX is the Malaysian Government Data Exchange which provides data integration services across agencies.
A parameter or data field provided for a data service..
Registry is a directory of references to frequently used data by public sector agencies. Data remains in Provider Agency.
Repositories refer to databases that store common data used by various public sector agencies. Data is stored in MyGDX databases.
MyGDX portal and hub servers are equipped with Secure Socket Layer (SSL) which is a network protocol that manages server and user validation.
YES. Network, data access and network security testing should be implemented before data are included in the catalog.
All agency's server that has access to MyGDX should be equipped with Secure Socket Layer (SSL) that can be applied through GPKI team in MAMPU.
Each agency will be provided with one MyGPKI cert to the Agency Administrator who is assigned as the only Username that can apply for data subscription through MyGDX.
When a data is requested, a web services URL will be provided including an Auth Cert & Auth Key specially assigned for the IP server. The Auth Cert & Auth Key should not be used on other IP servers. Agencies will need to re-apply if they want to use the same web service on different IP servers.

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